Friday, September 14, 2007

Dinner at Flying Fish

Last night I met up with Angela and her foodies friends for dinner at Flying Fish in Old Town, Alexandria. I was a bit nervous as I was the first one to arrive and have never met any of the group member other than Angela and Sarah (and they weren't there yet) but the night turned out super fun!

The people were friendly, the restaurant was gorgeous and the food was pretty good too. Most of us had sushi and it was presented like a piece of art. The food did take quite a bit to arrive and the pieces of sushi were almost too big (but then I do have a small mouth). I had their Devil roll (Spicy tuna, gobo, spicy mayo maguro, sprout, with mango sauce) and New York roll (had to convince the waiter that the salmon in NY roll is in fact supposed to be raw and not cooked). The entrees looked good too: there definitely will have to be a return visit (and they have $1 sushi Happy Hour specials downstairs).

Note: the picture is actually not from a restaurant (I did not have a camera, so just Googled a picture of sushi)

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