Monday, September 3, 2007

San Francisco Day 2

  • Woke up at 7 am and decided it was just way too early to get up so went back to sleep till 9.
  • After waking up went out and walked around Union Square: adorable! Pretty heart sculptures, tons of flowers, trees, people sitting out and drinking coffee: just a super chill place.
  • I then took one of the MUNI buses to the Ferry Building. I was meeting Anna's friend Laura for dim sum at 11 but wanted to make sure I was there in time. Because I still had some time before 11, I walked around the Ferry Building and was in luck: there was an Art show: jewelry, paintings, photography, etc. So of course I had to buy something: silver hoops with turquoise stones to match my necklace.
  • I then met Laura and we walked around some more and headed over to Rincon Center's Yank Sing for dim sum (Cheryl's recommendation). The place was gorgeous and there were tons of tables where families shared delicious Asian treats. Our wait was only 10 minutes and then we were free to join in the fun. The food was delicious! We had shrimp and pork dumplings (thank God I don't keep kosher), broccoli rabe, potstickers, mushroom caps stuffed with chicken and a few other dishes. The food was great and more importantly it was super nice to have such fun company!!! I am used to traveling on my own, but it's great to share a meal and conversation with another human being :)
  • After lunch Laura and I headed to China Town: it's so incredibly large compared to the one in DC! The place was bustling! We walked around, went in to a few stores and then found Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company: you can actually see the women making the cookies: super cute.
  • We then walked back to the Ferry Market square and met up with Laura's cousin, his g/f and friend. Laura was super nice and drove us around showed us some of the city. We went to Twin Peaks: OMG the views were GORGEOUS!!!! You could see the entire city and I finally saw the Golden Gate Bridge.

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ver2go said...

I live there!!! Well, the taller Peak Behind Twin Peaks, Mount Davidson.

If you get a chance, try out Koi Palace in Daly City for Dim Sum too. Both of those are my favs!

You've picked the right time to be in SF, September is our summer. Had you come any earlier, it would've been foggy the entire time.

Have fun!