Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rant: 1800 Flowers

Anna started an internship at the Cuisine at Home magazine in Iowa on October 1st. I was completely excited and proud of her and decided to send her flowers to say "Congrats on following your dreams and good luck on your new adventures."

For several years now I've used 1-800-Flowers, and decided to go with this company again. I selected Fields of Europe arrangement and sent it along. Anna received the flowers, was absolutely thrilled and that was the end of the story.

...until she bought a new pair of shoes and along with sending me a picture of the new shoes also sent a picture of the arrangement she received from me.

When I opened the picture of her arrangement I could not believe my eyes. It looked nothing like what I ordered. I was annoyed and outraged with 1800 Flowers and worried that Anna's co-workers would think I have absolutely no taste or style. Instead of receiving a fall arrangement of sunflowers, lilies and daisies, she received a vase full of mums and daisies and there was a pumpkin stuck in the middle of the flowers!!! (the top picture is of the flowers Anna received, the bottom picture is of the flowers I ordered)
I called the customer service at 1800 Flowers and they promised to send her the right arrangement and refund me 20%. Right, that did not happen. Instead, they sent her yet another incorrect arrangement. Who does that? I've spent more than an hour on the phone with them talking to 3 different supervisors who all promised me different things and as of now the issue is not resolved. My advice to you: do not use 1800 flowers, and whenever possible ask the recipients of the flowers to send you pictures to make sure they received what you paid for.
Update: spoke with one of the supervisors again and she promised to refund 50% of my purchase. Hopefully they'll actually go through with it.


Jen said...

You should send a link of this post to 1800flowers...I think it's powerful to know that you're talking about a bad experience and as your friend I won't be using them either.

Unknown said...

well, i was just happy to get the flowers - but i can clearly see the difference. and to think that i could have gorgeous sunflowers - what a rip off!!! just makes me think of how many times i've used 1-800 in the past without really knowing what was truly delivered. good lesson to learn - next time, call the local florist directl :)

Valeria said...

That's terrible, what did the second delivery look like? Ania was thrilled though:)