Friday, November 16, 2007

Dinner: Corn Bread and Broccoli Rabe Strata

I was reading the New York Times food section and found a recipe for Corn Bread and Broccoli Rabe Strata . Because I did not have any plans (yes, I realize it is a Friday night) I decided to go to the grocery store, get the ingredients and make this recipe tonight.

Of course, I rarely follow a recipe to the letter. This time, I decided to half the recipe, but keep the amount of garlic, olives and roasted pepper the same as in the full recipe. I also bought jalapeno cornbread and left out red pepper flakes.

Patience is not my strongest virtue. I was supposed to keep the strata in the refrigerator for 4 hours or overnight before baking it. However, I wanted to eat it tonight: I ended up keeping it in the fridge for just an hour and then baking it. The timer just went off! Can't wait to try it! I will post pictures and let you all know what I thought of the final product after I taste it :)
put cornbread in a baking dish and cover with the mixture of broccoli rabe, roasted peppers and olives
put dollops of ricotta cheese over the mixture
pour milk and egg mixture over the cornbread, vegetables and ricotta cheese and then sprinkle Gruyère on top
after baking for an hour
the final product!


1) definitely buy broccoli rabe and not plain broccoli: completely different taste!

2) I would add more vegetables!

3) When mixing eggs with milk, put the mixture through a sieve in order to have a smooth custard (I actually did it)

4) This would be absolutely amazing for brunch! Wonder how it tastes cold...

5) Overall, I really enjoyed it. And there are so many adjustments and variations for this one recipe.

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