Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving in Des Moines

Thought I'd share the awesome food Anna and I had for Thanksgiving: turkey roulade, mashed potatoes, winter salad with apples and blue cheese and shortcakes with cranberry sauce and whipped cream. Of course we also snacked on my chocolate pecan pie.

(stuffing, pounded turkey breast, rolled up breast with the stuffing inside, baked turkey, dinner, dessert)

This we had for breakfast the next day: I can't remember the name, so maybe Anna will put it in the comments. But it's basically mini french toasts with a fruit salad.

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Unknown said...

Oh the memories! It was delicious.
The fabulous breakfast is Swiss Eibrot. Used the recipe from Cuisine at home, leaving out the cinnamon.

Thanks for coming all the way to Iowa to visit me!