Monday, December 24, 2007

"Christmas" Tree

Growing up in Russia, my family's big winter celebration was New Year. We would always get an evergreen tree, decorate it, and hide presents underneath. We would then cook a lot of food, gather together at 10 pm to say good bye to the old year and to welcome in a new year at midnight. And of course to open presents.

This celebration had nothing to do with Christmas. In fact, we are Jewish. Last year I bought a mini tree and decorated it, and wanted to do the same this year. Unfortunately, the mini rosemary tree (as in an herb) I bought did not survive. Maybe I did not water it enough, but regardless, it's now sitting waiting to be trashed.

I was visiting Cindy today and her girls were horrified that I did not have a Christmas tree at home. On the way to my apartment from Cindy's house I stopped by the grocery store and bought some evergreen branches (that actually reminded me of one winter when Anna, my dad and I went to visit our grandparents in Ukraine and my stayed home. Instead of buying a tree, my mom bought evergreen branches).

So now I sort of have my x-mas tree.

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