Saturday, December 29, 2007

Not a typical Saturday night for a 28 y.o. girl

I can think of a zillion things I could have done tonight. Instead, I had a craft mania. Right...not a movie, not a date, not a dinner out, not dancing, but a night of crafting. TV. Dinner. A lit candle.

My most elaborate project was a cork board (that I'd most likely just hang in my kitchen) from the wine corks I have been collecting for quite a while now. I am so glad I finally did something pretty with them: I first painted an old picture frame black, then cut each wine cork lengthwise in half and arranged them like a puzzle (that took a long time!) and finally glued the wine corks to the frame. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

The second project was painting 3 picture frames black to match all the other black frames on the wall (I realize now that I should have taken before pictures, but you get the after ones). By the way, the pictures are of me and Anna and our parents and grandparents when we must have been 6 years old and younger (taken and developed by our dad).

The final project, and the simplest, was staining a rod that holds up a flower/calendar/collage above my bed (once again, a before picture would have given a bigger effect, so just use your imagination: the wood used to be unfinished).

Special thanks to Anna for suggesting the staining and painting the picture frame project (for years now), to Sarah for driving me to Home Depot so that I could buy the necessary supplies, and to countless people who were more than happy to give up their wine corks. I could not have done it without you.


cia007girl said...

I'm glad my nagging has finally paid off!

The Poor Dispositionist said...

black and white pictures are very cool

Marianne said...

Hi ! I've just made a bulletin board using wine corks as well. You can check it out here : I hope U like it ! Cheers from France. Marianne