Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Season of Giving

You know those 20 cupcakes I made? I brought some to work and the rest to my rueda group. After all my dancing friends had a few cupcakes, I still had eight left and really did not want to take them home***. So after practice I decided to give the leftover cupcakes to homeless people around U Streen and luckily DeM came along for protection :)

To my surprise, we only found one homeless person, and he was more than happy to take two cupcakes.

Then I just asked random people waiting for the bus if they wanted a cupcake. I was actually surprised that most everyone said "yes." I don't think I would have taken unpackaged food from a stranger (might I have some trust issues?). By the time we got on the Metro I had 2 cupcakes left. One of them I gave to a Metro employee and told him to be careful not to get arrested for eating inside the Metro. He thought it was funny and said he'd wait till he gets out of the station before eating the cupcake.

The last cupcake I gave to the desk lady in my apartment building.

It felt so nice to give away all that chocolate!!!

***because that would mean I'll eat them, and I really should not. And plus, I still have cookies left over from the cookie exchange.

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