Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Watch me Dance!!!

Last month I took my love of salsa dancing to a new level. With encouragement from DeM I joined a rueda group. What is rueda? Check out the full definition and history on Wikipedia, but basically, it is a salsa related dance. Couples form a circle and the leader calls out the moves, which every couple performs simultaneously. The male partners also move from one girl to another. To me, it's a combination of line dancing and synchronized swimming.

I was super nervous at my first practice because I never took formal dancing lessons (other than my one class in hip hop and 6 tango classes), and have never seriously considered joining a dancing group. To my relief, it was a blast! Fun music, really nice people, beautiful studio, and although many of the moves were new to me, I was able to keep up.

So far we've had 3 practices and I'm looking forward to more. There is a talk of us performing some time in Spring. I need to get my body ready for those costumes ;)

Take a look at this short video from last Saturday's practice (the video effect is actually in reverse!)
(Zuzu was missing)

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