Friday, January 4, 2008

Crafts: magnets

I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets zillions of catalogs. I always look through them and try to find something pretty....not to buy, but to use in my craft projects!

Previously I've used pretty pictures from catalogs to make cards, book marks, and a few years ago Jenny and I went through a period of magnet mania where we made magnets using pictures from magazines and marbles and round heavy magnets: fun times!

Today I received yet another Pottery Barn catalog and ended up making 3 really pretty magnets!

1) find pictures that you like

2) cut them out
3) use ProMag as the backing

4) use wide packing tape to "laminate" your new magnets (I still need to do this step)
5) you are done! go stick those magnets on your fridge!
(P.S. Thanks Anna for suggestion of wanting to know the scale: that's why I added a ruler on the side to show the size :) )

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