Sunday, January 13, 2008

An eye for jewelry

Last time when I was in Seattle, my parents took Anna and me on a mini trip to Leavenworth. It was there in a small jewelry store I saw a beautiful silver ring and bought it on a whim without even consulting with Anna! (I know!!!!) The ring was about $30 and I absolutely love it.

Ever since I bought the ring, I have been trying to figure out where I've seen its design before. It looked familiar: a work of a well-known designer. Today I saw a woman with earrings very similar to my ring and asked her where she bought them and if she knew who the designer was: John Hardy.

This is a genuine example of John Hardy's work sold in Neiman Marcus...anyone wants to give them to me so that I can have a matching piece for my ring? It's only $325 :)

His other collections include combination of silver and gold, beautiful gemstones, and pure gold. I'm in love!

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