Thursday, January 24, 2008


A few days ago I read a collection of poems written by a guy who used to be my friend. Last night I saw yet another couple holding hands on the Metro. The combination of both inspired me to write this poem (work in progress) last night after coming home from my dancing practice.


Where is the hand that will hold my hand?

Where are the lips that will kiss my lips?

Where are the eyes that will find mine in the crowded room?

Where is the smile that will light up my world?

Where is the voice I would never tire of?

Where is the man I would not want to be without?


Leonid said...

Оля! Ты у нас гениальная дочка. Я тебе говорила миллион раз , что у тебя талант к литературной деятельности. Ты должна с этим что-то делать. Сердце щимит , когда читали с папой твою поэму.Думаю ты найдёшь ответ на свои вопросы. Представляю твоё лицо. Целуем, папа и мама.

BlueToYou said...

beautiful poem olga.

not sure what your dad said, but here's my answer:

He is out there becoming a man worthy of you. When he is ready, he will find you.