Sunday, February 24, 2008

F&F: Stacey, Jenn, Laura

Yesterday I cooked 3 things associated with my friends; thus, F&F: Food and Friends.


For the last several months Stacey has been raving about Smoked salmon and wasabi on onion dill bagel from Au Bon Pain. Yesterday I decided to re-create it using an everything bagel, smeared with wasabi, topped with vegetable cream-cheese, thin slices of Israeli cucumber, red onion and finally smoked salmon (Thanks Edward and Luke!!!). I had it as an open sandwich and just topped everything with a slice of lettuce. My thoughts: having never tried the original, I was quite pleased with what I re-created. I went a bit overboard with wasabi, though...there were a few tears shed.


Jenn came over for dinner last night to try one of the dishes I was testing for Robyn Webb's upcoming Cooking Light submission. That's when Jenn shared with me her own creation: pear/blueberry/lettuce salad! It was a really good combination, and one I've never considered before. I contributed Parmesan cheese, and next time I think it'd be good to add pecans.


When I went to Grand Mart with Wendy last Wednesday, I bought 3 ripe plantains. Last night I fried one of them, and the result was quite good. Laura, I think you'd be proud of me :) Happy upcoming b-day!

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thanks for making me famous! - Jenn