Friday, February 15, 2008

Guess Who? challenge

Morning, my dear readers. A few days ago a boy who went to school with me and Anna in Russia sent us a few school pictures. Anna's friend Laurie was able to figure out which witch is which :)

So here is the challenge for you: look at the two pictures below and figure out where Anna and I are and comment (1st picture: Anna (row and position), Olga (row and position), etc!

If some of you are having trouble leaving comments, you can just email me! Let the games begin!


laura said...

1st pic
That's you in the first row, first to the left, and Anna right next to the teacher.

2nd pic
Anna 4th row, you in the 5th.

BTW, sooooo adorable!!

Emily said...

I agree with Laura. Very cute. And it's interesting how there are a few different outfits. Some girls have a black dress with lace collar and white overlay. I guess they were more traditional?

Olga said...

Thanks girls :)

Btw, the skirt I'm wearing in the first picture is the one I made myself in one of our home-ec classes!!!

Cara said...

You first row, left, Anna - second row, next to the teacher?