Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wine labels and Magnets

When Alyssa was moving away from DC, I had a mini going away dinner for her and she brought me a bottle of Bodegas Norton 2006 "Lo Tengo" Mendoza Malbec. The wine was suprisingly good (I prefer whites to reds), but what I liked the best was the label, which I turned into a magnet.

A week ago I was strolling in World Market, one of my favorite stores, and noticed that the same company also makes white wine: Bodega Norton Lo Tengo Torrontes 2004. The bottle is now in my fridge, and most likely I'll make a magnet using the label before I drink it.

The magnets will not only remind me of Alyssa, but of course also of Lera, who is a Tango maven!

Yes, sometimes it's smart to choose wine according to the labels.

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