Thursday, May 8, 2008

Argentina, Curse, Wine & Food

Tonight Annie, Anna HT and I went to the embassy of Argentina for a Charitable Wine Tasting. Seriously, every time we go to an embassy event, it rains! Why? No clue, but it's rather inconvenient.

The embassy was beautiful and we tried quite a few wines, of course preferring whites to reds. Our favorite was The Tincho New Age White (go to the link to see the pretty label!). The food was really good too: tortillas, empanadas, cheese, sausage, and dessert. The best part, in my opinion, was a tango performance: it was magical, mesmerizing, beautiful and made me want to take a few classes once again. And the best part? The woman is not required to smile! (Lera, this totally made me think of you! And incidentally I wore the earrings you bought for me in Argentina).

And at the end both Annie and I won a bottle of wine!!!! Mine is Tilia Malbec Syrah (2007)!

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