Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Columbia, SC Day 3

Hotel check out was at noon, and having no major plans for my last day in Columbia, I stayed in bed and watched the morning shows.

After a quick bagel with cream cheese, I went to the University of South Carolina campus: and what a pretty campus it is! Flowers everywhere, trees, fountains, shady areas with benches and very pretty old buildings. Very quaint!

I also went to the McKissik Museum right on campus. This was my favorite museum by far! There was an interesting photo exhibit about BBQ joints and people who run them. Another exhibit focused on the life of Florestine Kinchen and the dresses she made. Tragically, Hellen Hill, a woman who made a film about Florestine Kinchen, was murdered in 2007.

On the 3rd floor of the museum there was a collection of gemstones! I was like a kid in a candy store: tourmalines, garnets, diamonds, amethysts and many others: too bad I could not take one as a souvenir :) [Actually I ended up buying absolutely nothing this entire trip...sort of sad...I usually like to buy a piece of jewelry to remember the trip.]

...and then it was time for lunch. I walked to the Five Points neighborhood and had lunch at the Congaree Grill. This place was recommended by several people, and they had fried pickles!!! (A few weeks ago I was watching the Travel Channel, and they had a show on fried food, including fried pickles: I knew I had to try them.) I had a Congaree Appetizer Sampler (FRIED DILL PICKLE CHIPS with ranch dipping sauce, LOWCOUNTRY EGGROLLS with honey garlic bleu cheese sauce, and STUFFED SHRIMP with chipotle honey sauce)...and I'm so happy to report that I did not suffer from clogged arteries or a heart attack: omg the food was so good!!!

And then my trip was over. Back to the hotel. Shuttle to the tiny airport (only one terminal!) with white rocking chairs and an hour flight to DCA. Quick dinner (potato salad w/green pepper, cucumber, parsley, mayo and wasabi) and off to dancing!

All that is left are fond memories, photos and a worn-out map:

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