Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm Childless

Today was a special Thank you lunch for the mentors and mentees in the Everybody Wins DC! program. Sadly, N was not at school, once again. Instead, I adopted another little girl, whose mentor did not show up.

The program director instructed the mentees to hold the hands of their mentors and recite a little speech about how much they appreciated us and that we are heroes! It was very touching, even though I've never read to this particular child. At the end she told me thank you for stepping in for her mentor, and I thanked her for stepping in for N. We then had pizza and boxed juice and carrots and a chocolate cookie! Hopefully, N is in school next week: our last time reading together this year.

The children read 857 books! N and I contributed about 7 :)

In other news, I told Ashley that I thought one of the mentors was really cute, but was probably in his early twenties. She told me that he's most likely gay. I have no radar...or it's broken. Sigh.

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