Thursday, May 1, 2008

Look @ my closet

I started on my Spring cleaning (yes, I know, it's May already, but better late than never). I filled two big bags with clothes that no longer fit, or have little stains, or have shrunk, that I will donate to Salvation Army (or some similar organization).

It was hard to part with some items.

However, it was much harder to get rid off some of my shoes that I loved, but that killed my feet. Good bye pretty Bandolino red and black sandals, good bye pretty Kenneth Cole off-white slides...I will miss you dearly. But maybe you'll find your way into the hearts of others, who have higher tolerance for pain.

Look how neat my coat closet looks! I'm taking wagers to see how long this will last ;)

1 comment:

nicole said...

I'm going to donate clothing to Salvation Army on Sunday. Want to drop the clothes off? Or I can stop by on the way out Sunday~