Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yes, I'm quite white...

Just came back from mentoring. N had a hard time paying attention to the Tooth Book we were reading, and instead we had the following conversation for a few minutes:

N: your blue bracelets are the same color as your blue earrings.
me: I know, I like to match.
N: your sweater is black and your watch is black. and your hair is black.
me: yep.
N: your shirt is white. and your feet are white.
me: yes, that's right.
N: your face is white.
N: your skin is white.
me: yes, I'm all white.

Okay, maybe it was slightly more humorous when it was actually taking place. We then returned to the task of reading and it was so rewarding when she was able to read "without" and "lose" and "them" without my help! It's all about little steps.

I'm really going to miss these Wednesday mentoring sessions once the school is out in a few weeks. Too bad they don't have a summer camp where the children can continue to read and build on their accomplishments.

P.S. another mini funny story. The book mentioned something being "in style." When I asked N what that meant, she said "being fabulous!"


The Poor Dispositionist said...

Oh, you should totally check this site out:

cia007girl said...

kids are the best.
you could probably find a summer programs that needs tutors, etc.
maybe check with Big Brother/Big Sister or something along these lines

Anonymous said...

Best blog EVER! :)