Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bro in Town

Misha is visiting me for a day and then Anna and I are meeting up with him in New York City for some sibling bonding time next weekend. Then he's coming back to DC with me and staying another day. We are then all reuniting in Seattle!

I was honestly quite terrified because haven't seen Misha in about a year and a half, and how often do I have a boy staying over?! (sigh)

I picked him up at the airport yesterday and today I was playing a tour guide. Oh, at first I was a great sister and made breakfast.

Day of touring

1) United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: I still think that Yad Vashem in Israel is more emotional, however, I got a bit chocked up when I saw all the shoes and hair left from the people that the Nazis cremated, and photos of peple's arms tatooed with the numbers

2) Washington Monument

3) Lincoln Memorial (it was super hot and I thought we will never make it there, but we did)

4) Vietnam Memorial & Korean Memorial

5) White House (randomly ran into Lisa, who I haven't seen in at least a year)

6) Natural History Museum (I just sat on the bench while Misha walked around)

7) Lunch at an Indian place (quite delicious!!!)

8) The National Portrait Gallery: great exhibits!

9) Old Town Alexandria: coffee and Scrabble at Misha's Coffeehouse and Coffee Roaster with Jenn

10) Home, sweet Home: just before the thunder started

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Valeria said...

Holly Molly! He is huge!!
How did he survive through all these museums?