Tuesday, July 15, 2008

4Bs of vacation

aThis July was the first time in more than a year that the entire family was together in the same place. Luckily, our parents decided to take us on a mini vacation, so that we weren't cooped up in the house forever.

B #1: Birch Bay

Wednesday morning after Anna and I visited Lydia and Jane (we used to work with them years ago, but still visit them and Jeanie and Holly whenever we are in Seattle), we loaded up the car and started a 2-3 hour drive to Birch Bay. 5 people in the car. Anna, Misha, and I in the back seat. Listening to our dad's choice of music. LOVELY!

But then we got a bit of excitement: one of the tires blew up! On the highway! After changing the tire, we made it to a nearby tire store and were told all 4 tires had to be replaced. While our parents dealt with that, Anna and I got haircuts.

The rest of the drive was uneventful. The vacation spot was right on the water: very peaceful and pretty, but really not much to do around. We toasted the beginning of our vacation with margaritas at a nearby Mexican place. Anna and I then continued to annoy our dad by watching Food TV, Bravo, TLC, and HGTV :)

We sort of split into 3 "groups": our parents went to the pool, out on walks, etc; Anna and I went to a little knitting store, walked by the water, watched Cable; Misha did stuff on his computer.

There was a super cute Farmers' market nearby that sold the best chocolate milk in the cutest glass bottles. It was made by Twin something (I don't remember the exact name), so I bought two bottles: will use them as vases.

these are super pretty flowers at a nearby candy store
B #2: British Columbia

On Thursday we drove to Vancouver. Yay Canada! Slightly stressful: Anna and I wanted to go shopping, while our parents wanted to go to a park, and Misha wanted to see a suspension bridge. And my teeth hurt. (seriously, we did have a good time!)

Again, we split into twins and not-twins, and after some shopping (I bought a pair of shoes and a t-shirt) and food (falafel), we reunited, and started to drive to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. After we got there, turns out it costs $30 to get in! For each person! Outrageous! Our parents were kind enough to pay for all 3 of their children: in return we took a zillion pictures to share the experience with them :) and did our darnest not to push each other off the bridge. It was fun!

B #3: Bellingham

Misha's college roommate is from Bellingham, and his family invited Misha and our parents to dinner. Anna and I were dropped off in town and let to our own devices. It was a cute town with fun boutiques, old buildings, and some really weird people (must be because it's a college town?). I bought a pair of silver earrings and a cool wood bracelet (I already have wood earrings and ring). Then we had dinner: I had Teriaky and Anna had Mexican: happiness all around! We found a very neighborhood-y ice-cream store and played a few games of Dominoes.

It was getting darker and cold, so our parents came and picked us up. Misha stayed over at his roommate's parents' house.

B #4: Blaine

There were two things that I really wanted to do during this vacation: go to a Crafts/Arts market and take a mini boat in Blaine. The first one did not happen, the second one did. Anna and I took an hour long ride (30 minutes each way) on a little boat: it was very pretty and fun, and chill, and only $2 donation!

We then had lunch in town and found a little antique store where I bought 5 old coins (25 cents each!) and the store owner was nice enough to punch holes in the coins so that I can make jewelry from it! (will post pictures later)

And then it was time to pick up Misha and head back to Seattle.

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Janet said...

Your family sounds so adorable! I'm envious!