Monday, August 18, 2008

The Weekend: Full Moon, Aching Body, & Craving

This past Saturday I completely "lost it" for about 15 minutes. I screamed so much that my throat hurt for a while. And then I cried. And then I popped in a Taebo video and worked out for 30 minutes.

I haven't done Taebo in years, but there was nothing left to eat in my refrigerator, so I thought burning a few calories would be a good thing. My body is aching all over today.

Yesterday I went to see Bottle Shock with Kamal and his gang. After the movie I was craving a burger and guacamole. Why? Because I'm super impressionable and one of the characters ate a burger in the movie. And guacamole. And KFC. But it was already late and I did not feel like eating a burger by myself, so I just went home and had brie with baguette and raspberries.

And then today for lunch I bought a burger, fries and a Diet Pepsi.

I also found out that Saturday was a full moon. Part of me wants to blame that on my "losing it" episode, but I know there are many other factors involved. And there is research out there saying that there is no effect of full moon on our mood, behavior, etc. But I'll still hang on to it just for a little bit.


Unknown said...

nothing like a good work out to get your mind off of things and feel better. told you so :p

BlueToYou said...

glad you're feeling better :) and now i'm impressionable...a burger and guac sounds sooo good!