Thursday, October 30, 2008

Power Lunch Is Back!

Yesterday I had my fist Power Lunch of this year. I started mentoring for this program last year and was eager to return. I will be working with the same student, let's call her N.

First of all, I was happy that N finally remembered my name :) That's a good sign, right? The school also did a good job remodeling the library to make it more open and inviting for students and their mentors.

After filling out a bit of paperwork, N and I started reading our first book together. She is still having a really hard time concentrating on the words, and instead her eyes look everywhere, but the book.

We were reading a story about lost toys, and I was trying to ask her questions as we read to make sure she was following the story and could anticipate what was about to happen.

One of the words in the story was shelter. I asked N what that meant, and she said: "a place where you go to be safe." I told her she was correct, and added that's a place that keeps you safe from cold, rain, etc.

What N said next almost broke my heart: "it is also where homeless people go, and where you can be safe from alcohol, drugs and crack." This completely shocked me. I don't think I was aware of these issues when I was 8 years old. Was I sheltered, or was the world a better place?

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