Monday, November 17, 2008

My sister: a star!

On Saturday, Anna and I went to Salsa Room, something I haven't been able to do prior to Anna staying with me (the place is not metro accessible). There was a bachata contest, and Anna entered with Parker as her dancing partner. I knew there was little chance of anyone else being better than them.

There were 8 couples total competing, and there was only one couple who danced at the same level as Anna and Parker. After 2 rounds of dancing, the audience applauded for their favorites, and Anna & Parker moved into the finals with another couple....that couple was HORRIBLE. The girl was a total skank: not only could she not dance to the beat, but she was pretty much just grinding on the guy. Unfortunately, it seemed she knew a lot of people, who clapped pretty loud. For a few moments I was afraid the skanky couple would win the contest.

Thankfully, the judge announced that this was a dancing competition, and the deserving couple was Anna & Parker. I was thrilled!!!! Anna absolutely deserved it! I was so proud :)

Today in the morning one of the girls who used to be in my rueda group emailed me congratulating me on the I wonder how many people are going to think it was me dancing and not Anna :)

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