Tuesday, December 9, 2008

At least I'm done

Yesterday I took my GRE test. The good news is that I'm done! No more studying, no more flashcards, no more feeling guilty for doing something fun at night instead of spending the time in the library practicing math problems or analogies or reading comprehension.

Another good news is that I did really well on the math component. Oh, and I finally can get back to reading normal books: my current choice is Valley of the Dolls (Thank you, Radha!).

The not so good news is that I completely bombed on the verbal session. Yes, I know I'm not a native English speaker, but still. Perhaps I should have spent more time memorizing vocabulary words and practicing reading comprehension (you think!?)...but, it doesn't matter now: because I'm done!!!

Since I still have no clue as to what I should/want to study further, I think I'll just keep in mind that I can use the test for 5 years.

Does anyone want to buy a brand new GRE book with flashcards and a pocket guide?


*J* said...

How much? I have to take that wretched test sometime in the next six months or so...

I can't decide if it's great or terrible to know how you do immediately after the ordeal of taking it. At least you're done with it, congrats!!!

Olga said...

I was hoping to get $50 for the book and accompanying materials.

I think it's actually pretty good to see the scores right after the test: that way you don't have to obsess about them for 10 days.

But the scores are not final b/c the final scores incorporate your essays and also include percentiles.