Thursday, January 29, 2009

Book Quotes: Trail of Crumbs

For the last week I've been reading Trail of Crumbs. It's quite a departure from the latest books I've read: GRE books, Vampire books and a book about Savannah.

For the most part, I really like Kim Sunee's writing style, and many of the things she describes touch me. These particular lines perfectly describe what I think/feel:

I think I wanted routine and order, things my parents and people like Joachim had tried to teach me but knew I'd never be good at. Maybe I wanted the illusion that if I had control over the timetable of my life, I could avoid emotion and the uncontrollable details like sorrow and love and absence.
Seriously, I think that explains really well why I like having my Monday salsa nights, occasional volunteering, and helping with classes at Sur La Table. Together with having dinners with friends, traveling, and visiting museums, these are the things that I can control, that give structure and meaning to my life. And these are also the things that allow me to forget (ignore?) for the time being other aspects of my life that worry, concern, or scare me.

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the Datective said...

Oh my gosh, how I disliked this book! I actually enjoyed her writing style, but just so disliked her as a person, I couldn't get over it. What a drama queen (who does write well :)