Friday, January 16, 2009

Dai (Enough)

This past Wednesday Jason, Theresa and I went to see Dai (Enough) play at the Studio Theater.

Here's a bit of information:

Israeli-American Iris Bahr leads the way into the colorful world of a Tel Aviv café and the lives of 11 inhabitants from every strata of Israeli society only minutes before a terrible calamity. Through Bahr's remarkable characterizations, these eccentric, humorous, lost souls come to life in this moving and important play; one that The New York Times says packs "a jolt that is undeniable," that you "are likely to feel for days after." Bahr's ability to find the humor and humanity in even the most dire and tragic of circumstances makes this show an emotional roller coaster, veering from the hilarious to the serious on a subject close to her heart and mind, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
I thought the play was emotional, honest, and raw. If you are in DC area, please go see it (till Jan 18th), and if you aren't, see if it will be in your city soon.
While the play definitely deals with Israeli issues, it also covers universal themes that are understood by everyone. I laughed at some points and almost cried at others. Several times, I almost jumped out of my seat. The play brought back amazing memories of the time I spent in Israel during my college years, and reminded me once again why I don't think I'd ever be able to make Israel my home.

I'm amazed at the courage the people of Israel have. Living with a reality of being bombed daily and still going on with their lives...I guess at the end, what choice do they really have?

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