Friday, January 9, 2009

Pampering & All Good Things Come to an End

Yesterday I finally took Anna to get a pedicure: something I've been promising as one of her graduation presents. Why did we wait so long? Because with salsa dancing, the chances of keeping a nice pedicure for longer than a week are slim.

Anna was done w/salsa dancing in DC, and yesterday seemed like it was our last chance to get a pedicure (she's driving to Birmingham, Alabama tomorrow morning to start her 6 month internship at Southern Living magazine!!!!!). I cannot believe 3 months of her staying with me passed by so quickly. Shits, I think I feel tears coming (I'm being completely serious).

Back to pedicures...I chose Belize It Or Not color, and liked it so much, I even bought the bottle and painted my nails while we were watching Top Chef at Jenn's after a fabulous sushi dinner at Yamazato. Now my toes and nails match! [By the way, there is a super cool feature on OPI website where you can see how a certain color will look on your hands depending on your skin tone.]

Speaking of Top Chef, Stefan is by far my favorite...too bad he smokes...otherwise I'd so date him :)

I realize this is a very random post. Maybe that's just how I'm feeling at the moment. Tonight is the official opening of My Space on 7th at the Touchstone Gallery, where I'm displaying 9 of my photographs, then Anna's going away dinner, and then I'm going to be back to living on my own...quite a few adjustments.


BlueToYou said...

i like the color. OPI has GREAT nail polishes.

Jennifer said...

Hey! When are you going to go visit her? I was asking her to take pictures and she told me she probably wouldn't do anything until you came to visit! LOL