Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Early Birthday Present

Yesterday when I went to Beadazzled with Radha and Theresa, I decided to buy an early birthday present for myself: a professional jewelry tool set!

I've been making jewelry for about a year now, but have been using the tools I "borrowed" from my dad...they were okay, but definitely not as refined as the ones I just bought yesterday!

And my new tools are pink and come in a pretty pink bag. LOVE!!! Can't wait to try making new projects with them. I'm really excited!

I think I'll do a few more knotted bracelet or necklaces, and then go back to working with wire! Check back to see some of my projects (and the ones I'll be doing for Cindy!).


Larissa said...

This set looks great! I've made some jewelry myself, but haven't gotten around to really investing money or time into it. Maybe that'll be my next crafty endeavor.

BlueToYou said...

ooo i want some earrings. i'll commission them. :)