Monday, February 16, 2009

Say What???

Today I had a day off. I met up with Theresa, Radha and Adrienne for sushi and crafts. I will post my craft project later today :)

After our outing, I was taking a shuttle back to my place (the Metro decided to ruin my life by doing major maintenance job over the weekend!) and heard a couple behind me speaking Russian. I thought they were confused about which Metro line to take, so turned around and gave them an answer in Russian. Despite knowing that I spoke Russian and understood them perfectly, they proceeded to have the following conversation in Russian (thus, the title of this post: Say What?):

the girl: who loves me? who loves me?
the guy: I do

the girl: did you miss me?
the guy: what can I tell you?
the girl: the truth
the guy: I missed you as much as a fish misses the water in the middle of the desert

the girl: tomorrow I'm going to be really tired after work, so we'll just go to sleep ok?
the guy: what about the day after tomorrow?
the girl: we'll see

OMFG! For real? I was cracking up inside :)

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BlueToYou said...

hahaha ewww.