Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happiness for under $1

A few days ago I was talking to either Jenny or Jenn about how often times I'm capable of being happy because of little things. Be it (now that I know Anna doesn't like that expression, be it, I can't help but use it!) a bouquet of flowers, new buds on my orchid, dark chocolate, etc, I don't really need something huge and expensive to make me happy (not that I would be foolish enough to turn that away).

Last night I stopped by at World Market to see if I could find some cookie cutters for my hamentashen (I could not) and noticed a mini whisk key chain! And it was only 68 cents! What can you buy for 68 cents? Right: almost nothing.

Actually, a few years ago I used to have a similar key chain that Shoshana gave me when I began working at Sur La Table, but I either broke it or lost it a while ago. And now I have a new one! Happiness!

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BlueToYou said...

totally cute :)