Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'll work for Friendship and Jewelry

Despite what some people believe, I really do enjoy helping out my friends. I especially like helping them with something I enjoy doing: like jewelry!

After I took a knotting jewelry class, my friend Cindy asked if I would re-work a few of her necklaces for her and make new necklaces and bracelets. Of course! I am making 3 bracelets out of the green jade necklace for Cindy and her two daughters. The red/black/gold necklace and the pink quartz necklace will be re-knotted to make a shorter necklace and a bracelet for Cindy. [Click on the collage to see the jewelry up close and personal.]

And what you might ask are those pearls? Cindy is giving them to me as a "payment" for my work! I'm flabbergasted, but super happy! Look at the gorgeous clasp on those pearls!!! Because I already have a strand of pearls (a gift from my parents), I'm planning on re-knotting these to make a 3 strand bracelet.

Cannot wait! I'll be posting my progress once I get going :)

P.S. I am now playing around with Picasa: love making collages!


The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Hey Olga! We are going to have a beading 101 class at our store at the end of the month. We have two ladies that will take our vintage beads {that everyone will bring in} and make a bracelet out of it - we can't wait it looks like so much fun!

Unknown said...

cool! you should definitely do before & after photos. collages look very nice