Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby Shower Project

I've known Cindy and her family for almost 8 years! I used to baby-sit her two daughters, who are now 10 and 12: time flies! When I found out Cindy and her husband were expecting again, I was very excited and wanted to do something a bit more special than just get them a gift from the registry.

I was inspired by the theme of the baby's room and decided to make a watercolor painting (Special Thanks to Paige for teaching me this technique a while ago).

What you'll need for this project is plain paper, watercolor paper, pencil, watercolor pencils, watercolor brushes, water, eraser, time, patience, imagination, ruler, something round (I used a coin), permanent marker, and willingness to have fun :) If you are planning to frame your final project, use a mat and a frame.

1) I outlined my project on a plain piece of paper using a ruler and a coin for round edges. I then taped that piece of paper on my window, and taped the watercolor paper on top of that.

2) Using a soft pencil, trace the design onto the watercolor paper.

3) Using the watercolor pencils color in the shapes.

4) You'll need special watercolor brushes (that's what I was told...but I really think you might be able to use any brushes you have. I used the middle-sized one for this entire project). Using the brushes dipped into water, start "painting" over your colored-in shapes, but stay within the lines and do one color at a time to avoid bleeding. Also, try to be sort of careful and go in the same direction for a neater look.

5) It is very important to let your project dry well before moving to the outlining part. I used a permanent black marker to outline every individual shape.

6) Once you are done, mat and sign your project and put it in the frame!

I'm thrilled with how this turned out and hope Cindy will like it too! Can't wait to see this inside the baby's room.

Anyone looking for a baby shower gift? You can totally commission me :)

(Sorry that the photographs are sort of dark: I was doing the project at night)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful gift!


BlueToYou said...

great job olga! depending on the project and paper you use, you should probably use water color brushes. other brushes can be harsher and cause streaking or tear up your paper if you get it too wet.