Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Say What???

Today when I was leaving the elementary school where I mentor N on Wednesdays, I overhead a conversation between two boys. Actually I guess it was more of a monologue because only one boy was talking.

"Why am I so serious? Why am I so serious? I'm not serious! I'm MAD."

Okay, if you don't think it's really funny, you need to know why I found this hilarious: Often when I go dancing people ask me "Why are you so serious? Are you not having fun?" What if instead of saying "No, I'm fine, that's just how I am" I told them "I'm not serious, I'm just MAD"?

Maybe that will just bring about more questions than I want to answer ;)

1 comment:

BlueToYou said...

hahah. or you could say, i'm not serious, i'm fierce like a tigress! maybe that would get you strange looks too.heh.