Friday, June 19, 2009

WIAE Day 1

So this past week I've been doing quite a bit of emotional eating. I know that I'm doing it, and yet I'm still doing it. Ridiculous.

Yesterday I went to the pool and did 22 laps...pretty good, right? Each "lap" is 20 meters. Before doing my laps, I got on a scale and I so did not like the number that I saw!

So I decided to start publicly writing down everything that I eat each day. Hopefully that will force me to be more mindful of the food I put in my mouth and give you, my readers, an opportunity to spot things that I'm missing from my food intake.

So today is the brand new start!!! WIAE: What I Am Eating.

Morning: I drank 24 oz of water as soon as I got to work. Then I had some cereal with 1% milk. By 10:30 I was sort of hungry again, but just had more water.

Lunch: Capitol BBQ w/Ashley: pulled bbq sandwich with corn/tomato salad, potato salad (mustard base) and Diet Coke (I had some of the food left over, took it to work and had it later for a snack).

Falling asleep/bored: diet Pepsi seems like a good solution.

Snack: leftover cold lemony dill shrimp. Mostly I ate it because if I did not, I'd have to throw it away.

Dinner: Qdoba with Wendy: chicken taco salad w/guacamole.

Late snack: individual sized watermelon: ugh, it was overripe and not too sweet, but the good thing is I resisted eating it with white bread (my favorite way!).

Overall this was a pretty good day! And I managed to walk a total of 1.5 hours!

Hope y'all not finding this too boring. I promise to post other things and not just my food intake :)

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