Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It's been ages since I've updated this blog! I apologize...I guess I haven't really bought anything new, haven't had any strange "Say What?" stories and haven't made any crafts.

I promise, this will change :) In fact, this Saturday I'm getting together with a few friends to make jewelry, and I hope to finish a necklace I started in Seattle and will post photos then.

For now, here a few photographs of white roses, which I bought for myself last week. Whenever I have a five day week at work, I like to treat myself to pretty flowers for my desk. They cheer me up and add a nice fragrance to my cubicle.

This week I have deep pink colored roses. Not sure if I'll take photos of them, so just use your imagination :)

On a slightly sad note, none of my photographs from the gallery exhibit have sold. And there are less than 2 weeks of hope left.

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BlueToYou said...

i like the roses, white on white is very striking. poor you having a five day week and roses to get you through it ;P. but a very nice way to treat yourself no doubt. :-D