Saturday, December 19, 2009

Earrings for me, Anna and Jenny

A while ago Jenny came to DC for a business meeting, and I went shopping with her to help her find a few accessories for an upcoming wedding. She chose beautiful chandelier earrings that I've been meaning to replicate for a while.

Then after our trip to Puerto Rico to visit Laura, Jenny lost her earrings! Oh no!

Below are acquamarine-colored earrings I made for myself, and topaz-colored earrings I made for Jenny and Anna. I'm in LOVE with how they turned out.


cia007girl said...

oh my god, i love the grey color! can't wait to get them and wear them - super!

Sasha said...

Gorgeous earrings! I love the grey ones. They're classy and feminine and kinda rock & roll too ; )

BlueToYou said...

wow! you could be a professional at these doing such complicated designs! easily $30 at a craft fair!