Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy birthday, Mom!!!

{My mom's bday is not till June 2nd, but she just opened my present, so I feel like I can post it :) }

My mom is really hard to shop for. I really very rarely know what she'd like. But this year, I lucked out. She's mentioned several times that she'd like earrings with red stones. That's something I could do!!!

I love making jewelry, and so I decided to make my mom a set of red earrings and necklace. I bought a strand of red coral at Beadazzled in Dupont Circle and set out to work. So that I would not waste my time, I decided to call my mom, tell her what I was up to and ask for her approval on the design. With the design approved, I was ready to go.

The result is below:

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