Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend in New York City

This past weekend Anna and I met in New York City to start off our birthday celebration. We stayed with my good friend Jenny. It was a relaxing weekend of eating out and in, going salsa dancing, walking around Brooklyn and just catching up. I'll be posting food updates on Mango & Tomato, but here are a few of my favorite non-food photos ;)


Jeanette said...

Great pictures!!

Beautiful flowers, with such wonderfully brilliant colors,(In this post and the two before it), the Tulips are so very pretty. Yay Spring!!

The stacks of bowls make me want to buy dishes. I think I like the red ones the most. Fitting, since my kitchen is accented with red.

The kids look like they are having fun with the ball/balloons. Even though it must have been a bit cold, by the way they are dressed.

Again, Great Pictures. I am glad you shared them with us!!

Denise said...

What a splendid blog and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at all your equally splendid photographs.