Wednesday, July 11, 2007


People who know me, know that I'm not the most patient person ever and that from time to time my decision making process is rather compulsive.

Last Tuesday I all of a sudden decided that I wanted a new digital camera. Right then and there! It would have been cheaper to order it on line and get the camera in a week, but like I said: not the most patient person.

So I went to the Mall after work and checked out Circuit City, Ritz Camera, Radio Shack and Best Buy. I really wanted Casio's Exilim camera because it comes in orange, red or pink, but it felt super flimsy in my hands.

The customer service was horrible in all the places buy Ritz Camera. There the woman listened to what I was looking for, made suggestions and spoke with super knowledge about the product. Unfortunately, they did not have the model I was looking for, so I ended up buying my Canon Powershot SD 1000 at Radio Shack.

I LOVE my camera! I think it is my new favorite toy (other than my Kitchen Aid blender). It's so much smaller and more powerful than my 4 y.o. Kodak camera.

I took the camera to NYC over 4th of July and took a few pictures and then took a bunch of pictures of Culinary Institute of America where Anna is...perhaps I'll figure out how to upload some of them here.

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