Friday, July 27, 2007

Free Drinks!!!

I was visiting my parents in Seattle last week and met up with my friend Lera and my sister Anna for dinner and drinks. While having drinks at this swanky fun little restaurants we were chatting, taking pictures, etc. There was a table of 4 men right behind us (we think they were gay) who asked us where we are from (due to our accents). When we said Russia, I think they assumed that we just came to Seattle recently from our mother-land to meet up!

okay, fine. We went back to our conversation and sipping our drinks. Then I overhead one of the guy telling the waitress to put our drinks on their tab! When I told this to Anna and Lera, they did not believe me. Why would I lie??

So the waitress came over and asked if we wanted to order anything else, and when we said no, she was super amused and told us that since our bill is being taken care of, we should order at least another round. So we did! and some chocolate dessert as well :)

This has never happened to us before, but what a lovely thing :)


Emily said...

That's awesome. Send those men to my town.

Valeria said...

I can't get enough of telling this story to people, we have to go back there and act foreign again.