Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rant: F*CK GT!!! (6/28/07)

Okay, I think it's pretty much clear that nothing will ever happen with GT. The more I think about the "situation," the more I realize that he's pretty much exactly like Shawne and Dennis.

Yes, we have awesome chemistry on the dance floor, yes, they bright up the room when they walk in, yes, I feel gorgeous when I dance with them, but so what!?!?!??!?

I deleted his number from my cell so that I'm not inclined to call him. (Confession: I did write it down on a post it just in case but it's hiding in my office)

I really do deserve someone who will like me and want to get to know me and not play with my feelings. Seriously! Are there any guys left who will actually follow through?

So there is nothing I can do to change his behavior, but I can stop initiating any sort of contact with him myself. And I will have to continuously remind myself that the only thing that we can ever have is the shared experience of a few dances (I don't know if I'll ever realistically be able to say "no" to him when he asks me to dance)

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