Monday, August 13, 2007

My new red shoes

I finally bought a pair of red shoes. I've wanted red shoes for months now and haven't been able to find anything that I like. They were either too flat, too dorky, too I-work-on-the-corner or too shiny.

And then this past Saturday as I was spending hours trying to find a necklace to wear to Nicole's wedding this weekend and not succeeding, I decided to stop at Pay Less Shoes...and there waiting for me were my red shoes! LOVE THEM :)

They are very different from what I usually wear, but change is good sometimes.


Valeria said...

Love the red shoes!! these are perfect

Jeanie said...

Hey, I love them too! We have a thing with same-shoes. Can you just go shopping and send me what I need?

Sorry I missed you in July!

Lillbet said...

Red shoes rawk! I found a great pair recently as well and they just make me smile whenever I wear them. I'm wearing them now, so of course I'm smiling, but I'm also smiling because your blog is terrific! :D

Ashley said...

Ouuhhh... those are super cute.