Friday, August 31, 2007

San Francisco here I come

I am so super excited. As soon as I finish doing the laundry, pack, clean and water my plants, I can go to sleep and tomorrow morning I will be flying to San Francisco for 4 days!!! I've been wanting to visit S.F. for several years now and finally decided to do it!

Speaking of packing, I was so not looking forward to it, that I decided to do a bit of shopping after work.

Below are just a few of my new purchases: new pants and tank top from Lucy, shoes and dress from Macy's. I also bought black Capri pants, black cardigan (have been looking for one for like ages!), and 2 long sleeve t-shirts from Aeropostale. Phew!!! (Oh, and yesterday I also bought a laptop case).

Okay, must go and get the laundry out of the dryer.

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