Sunday, September 2, 2007

Couple Entitlement

So earlier today I flew to San Francisco for my mini vacation! The flight to Chicago went super well other than the family sitting behind me. The ironic thing was that the mother was a zillion times more annoying than the children...why can't I just tune those things out?

In Chicago I had a 2 hours layover...walked around, bought lunch, boarded the plane. After several questionable maintenance issues the pilot decided he did not want to risk our lives and refused to fly the plane. The entire plane was deboarded!!!!

Luckily there was another plane to San Francisco and it was one of those international planes so I was able to get on it. The only thing, I was now THREE hours behind my schedule!

Okay, back to the subject of this post: couple entitlement. My seat was 36H. When I get to my row, both seats are occupied by a middle aged couple. I politely inform them that they are in my seat. So the guy asks if I would mind switching with him and taking FORTY EIGHT!!! instead. Well, what was I supposed to say? Sure, of course, since I'm by myself I will do whatever it is necessary to accommodate you, because you are a couple. What I should have done, though, was tell him to go to row 48 and ask f the other person will switch with him...because I really do prefer to sit closer to the front of the plane.

oh well, I survived! Perhaps one day I will too be a couple and will have to ask a single person for a favor.

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