Sunday, September 16, 2007

3 in 1: plate rack

Let's continue with the "3 in 1" theme. My apartment is rather small, and my furniture fits well in only one configuration. Because I get bored easily, I need to change things up quite a bit: redecorating using the things I already have is rather useful!

I bought this plate rack in Macy's more than 4 years ago and at first displayed my plates on it (see the picture on the left).

I then started using the plate rack to display postcards from many trips I took (such as Puerto Rico). Then I progressed to framing the postcards into clear picture frames.

The next step was to frame my own photographs. The photograph to the left has two such photos. I took close ups of flowers in the Botanical Garden and printed them through Yahoo in 8x11 format and framed them. The colors range from white to deep red! This can be my own mini gallery.

Another idea can be to display your current reading material such as Real Simple magazines (one of my favorites), thin books, newspapers, etc. You can also hang the plate rack in your office to hold folders, letters or your stationery. The possibilities are really endless: just use your imagination and see how many ways you can use the same object.

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Jen said...

Love the magazines in here! Liz's sister just got a job with Real jealous!!