Sunday, September 16, 2007

3 in 1: wine rack

A few years ago I was visiting Eastern Market and right across the street I noticed a few people having a garage sale. I walked over and found two great buys: a super dark nail polish and a wine rack. The wine rack was only a few dollars, so I decided to purchase it even though I am not a huge wine person (hard to buy full bottles of wine when you are the only one that would drink it).

After getting home I had to figure out what to do with the wine rack. Below are three ideas that I hope you like and can incorporate in your home decor. The key is to use your imagination and think of using things in different ways.

This is the most obvious way: put your bottles of wine in the wine rack! When I decided to write about this I discovered that I actually had no bottles of wine in my apartment. I momentarily panicked because I really wanted to have a picture of each of the three ways to use the wine rack and then I had an idea! I store my olive oil in an old blue glass wine bottle: I decided to put that bottle in the wine rack. And then it downed on me: you can store your vinegars and oils in the same way!

This is how I have been using my wine rack the most: plant stand! I found terracotta pots in Home Depot that fit the openings perfectly and now the wine rack is a great place for my orchids.

A while ago I had a few friends over for potluck and was a bit stressed because my table wasn't big enough to hold all the plates, glasses, silverware, etc. Then I decided to use the vertical space! The wine rack safely holds silverware, napkins, etc. Try it next time you are having a get together in your house.

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