Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cake Decorating: The enchanted forest

I was assisting a Cake Decorating class in the morning at Sur La Table and we had more cakes than students, so I had a chance to decorate my own cake!!! I decided to go with a colorful random theme and used a star tip to (almost) randomly place pink, orange and yellow stars on top of the cake after covering it with icing.
Here is a close up:

After I was done with the top of the cake, I decided to decorate the sides. First I put mini green stars at the bottom of the cake. I then used the leaf tip to make leaves. I wasn't completely satisfied with the way it looked and decided to add light purple flowers (the picture did not turn out very clear: my camera is acting out...oh oh!)
The finished cake reminds me of an enchanted forest: wild colorful flowers.

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