Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Orchid Obsession

I absolutely love flowers and plants. You know how there is a saying about
an old maid with tons of cats? Well, for me, it'd be tons of plants. I have African violets, geraniums, several vines, but my favorites are ORCHIDS. Is it because they are exotic? Is it because they are unique? Is it because they can be fussy? Probably all of the above. I love orchids in bloom and how the flowers last as long as a month (sometimes longer). I love when and orchid I've had for a while grows a new leaf, or even more exciting a new branch with buds, which will eventually turn into flowers.
This is the 3rd time this orchid is blooming!

Oh, and once I was fortunate enough to receive a bouquet of orchids at work.

This orchid I bought at the National Cathedral garden store and it's about to bloom for the second time! Cannot wait!
This is a super special orchid because I bought it in Florida, when Jenny and I were visiting Laura. It's going to bloom for the second time! I can't really even remember what color it is (dark pink?).
The next three pictures are of yet another orchid. The first two were taken on September 16th. The last one was taken today, September 26th. Just in 10 days, the buds have grown quite a bit and one of them looks like it's about to bloom! I promise to take more pictures once this orchid blooms. Can you feel the excitement?


Valeria said...

Wow, pretty and in focus:)

Anonymous said...

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